Formal Weddings

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A formal wedding exudes class. Need some ideas?

  • Classy Invitations — Engraved or Embossed, plus heavy card stock!
  • Event Location — Should be classy too! Country clubs or special exclusive venues are generally the norm!
  • Attire — White tie for the groom and black tie for the groomsmen. Of course, ball length gowns for the ladies are a must!
  • Flowers — Think roses or extravagant flowers like stephanotis or orchids
  • Lighting — Lighting sets the mood and ambiance. You must go big here or go home!
  • Music — Best if professional; however, you can use a family soloist, musician or small orchestra.
  • Transportation — Luxury limousine, Luxury car or in the right setting a carriage!

Casual Weddings

A casual wedding is laid back and can be unique. Need some ideas?

  • Standard Invitations — Standard paper  and no need for raised letter here!
  • Event Location — Anything from a camp site to backyard works here!
  • Attire — Think about it! Casual means laid back think cowboy, tennis shoes, etc.
  • Flowers — Think roses, carnations, etc.
  • Lighting — Only if you want!
  • Music — Pre-recorded boom box.
  • Transportation — Only if you want to be spoiled;-)

Elopement Weddings

Elopement Weddings are quick and easy. Need some ideas?

  • Standard Invitations — Not applicable here.
  • Event Location — Courthouse usually, although not always (Parks, gazebos, etc.)
  • Attire — Jeans, t-shirts and sneakers;-)
  • Flowers — If the grooms on the ball he’ll have something here for sure.
  • Lighting — Not necessary!
  • Music — iPhone can be used, but generally no music.
  • Transportation — Car in which you arrived…