Five Wedding Day Essentials You Haven't Thought Of 


You've got the venue, you've got the dress and you've got the man – surely, you think hopefully, the wedding planning is now complete? 

Well, a prepared bride is a happy bride, so here's a quick check list of five essentials for your wedding day that you probably haven't thought of – but will nevertheless need: 

   1. Vaseline 

You'd be surprised, in the nerves of the day, how many couples find their fingers have swollen slightly at the altar and the wedding rings no longer fit. This is a short term problem often caused by heat and emotion, but a small tin of Vaseline in a bridesmaid's purse will solve the problem. 

   2. Pepto or other medicines for upset stomachs. 

Wedding food is rich, and you will have been nervous on the day – that's a bad combination for your stomach. A small bottle of Pepto will allow you to dance all night even if you're not feeling your best. 

   3. Band Aids. 

Most bridal shoes are new, which means they may cause rubbing or blistering over the course of the day. Have a couple of Band Aids handy and apply if necessary. 

   4. Hairspray 

If you want to ensure your hair do doesn't become a hair don't, a pocket-sized can of hairspray could be your saving grace. 

   5. Painkillers. 

What with the stress, wearing new clothes, potential family arguments and first-dancing – wedding days are often a recipe for the mother of all headaches. You don't want to be stranded at the reception feeling wretched, so ensure someone in the bridal party has a packet of Advil to hand.