Buying Wedding Dresses On A Budget 


One of the largest costs associated with weddings is an obvious one; the gown. Wedding dresses and gowns are excruciatingly expensive, with the bill often running into thousands of dollars and taking up a large percentage of the overall wedding budget. And there's a good reason for such expenditure; bridal magazine surveys show that for most brides, their foremost concern on the day of their wedding is what they will be wearing. 

While we would all love to walk down the aisle in a show-stopping Vera Wang one-off designer creation, for the vast majority of brides that just isn't going to be possible. Fear not, however; it is possible to find a spectacular wedding dress and still keep your budget in tact. 

It is always worth looking through charity shops, particularly those in fashionable and expensive areas. Many brides donate their dresses to charity following their big day, and a designer find is not unlikely – only the price tag differs. You will probably need to pay for alterations and a thorough dry cleaning, but you'll still finish with an amazing dress for a fraction of the original purchase cost. 

If, however, you want your wedding dress to be yours and yours alone, try taking to the internet for inspiration. Many Asian-based dress companies can offer a custom dress design and manufacture for half the usual cost. The only problem is you will not be able to try the dress before it is shipped to you, so always buy slightly larger than you anticipate needing and book an appointment with a seamstress for final, fitted alterations. The risk is small, and the relief to your budget is huge!