Don’t Break The Bank, But Don’t Pinch Pennies

It is frequently pointed out by people who have an interest in statistics that a wedding is one of the most expensive endeavors most people will ever go through. Aside from buying a house (and in some cases, over and above it), spending on a wedding can be more than you will put into any one thing in the rest of your life. Is this how things should be? Is it a matter of opinion, and should we all decide for ourselves what our budget should be? 

There are certain things that are considered an indispensable part of getting married. Paying for the premises is something that is more or less unavoidable. This does not amount to much if getting married in a registry office, but any other venue can set you back a pretty penny. However, getting married is something you will hopefully be doing only once. In that respect, if you have the desire to get married somewhere special, it is not unacceptable to open your wallet. 

The reception, the outfits, the rings and the honeymoon are also elements of a wedding which may cost more than just pocket change. The rings aside, these are all optional, but considered to be important enough for people to take that option. Even then a simple gold wedding band need not cost too much, but in the final analysis it is for the bride and groom to decide. Better to be married frugally and live comfortably than to bankrupt yourself trying to keep up with society.