Best Man Speech Insight 


Anyone who has ever done the job of best man will know that it can be a double-edged sword. There are certainly perks to the job – a lot of attention without having to be the one “taking the plunge”, as it were, for one thing – but there is also a lot of responsibility. Making sure the groom gets to the church on time, looking after the rings, organizing the stag night – things which in theory are quite straightforward but never appear that simple in the cold light of day. 

And although the reception is always a time for fun, there is the fact that you have to be sober enough to deliver a speech to a large audience while simultaneously being confident enough to make it good. Sometimes sobriety and courage don’t go hand in hand, but there is no reason why you cannot get up there and deliver a speech which will have them all standing to applaud.  

It is not easy, even if you have the best speech in the world, to get up there and deliver it – especially when most of the audience have had a drink or two and fancy themselves as the world’s best heckler. But with Best Man Speech Insight you can get past the tricky parts and deal with the common problems that face any inexperienced public speaker. Everything you need to deal with the tricky job of making a best man speech is right here in this handy guide. It’s the one-stop survival kit for the first-time best man.