Wedding Toast Made Easy  


Being the MC at a wedding is not always an easy job to do. Think about the audience that you have to deal with – there are people there of all ages, people who know the bride and groom (sometimes too well), people who have come along just because there is the opportunity for a free bar, and coming up with the jokes to make this wedding party laugh until they cry without anyone storming out because they are offended is a very exacting task. 

Comedy is a tricky thing. Think about the guy in your office who makes everyone laugh with his droll reactions to everyday situations. Then put him on a stage and get him to do just five minutes of stand-up. Yes, he can make you laugh because he has a grasp of a shared situation, and because he knows the buttons to push. But to have the same reaction from 200 people of differing ages, genders and backgrounds is a whole other issue – it requires the right content, delivery, and the instinct to know where the line is. 

The Wedding Toast Made Easy ebook is not just a list of jokes, it is a handbook filled with witty one-liners that are tasteful and funny (a difficult balance to achieve) and a guide to how you deliver them, when you say them and everything else an MC needs to make a wedding reception go off in the right way to leave everyone laughing, without causing an incident that will spoil the whole wedding for everyone.