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wedding dresses“White Wedding” was a song by Billy Idol first released in 1982. Today we are all very familiar, even comfortable with the concept of a white wedding, especially white wedding dresses. Unquestionably, there is a strong history behind the concept, but why is this, and is it still relevant in the present day?


Are white wedding dresses still considered desirable?


According to an article in Aeon Magazine, discussing more “traditional” weddings, white wedding dresses are relatively new.

Prior to the mid-20th century, weddings of this ilk were the domain only of the wealthy. Most people could not afford to spend money on extravagant festivities and so married simply, wearing their Sunday best with an afternoon party or dinner at home. In fact, prior to Queen Victoria selecting white satin as the material for her wedding dress in 1840, gowns were rarely white. The elite copied this fashion first, which trickled down to the masses from the 1950s onwards.

In Brides, Inc.: American Weddings and the Business of Tradition(2006), Vicki Howard shows that, for most of US history, weddings were private affairs planned by family, with few ritualised conventions. Elite families had large formal weddings that served as an indicator of social status. Major social changes in the 20th century, namely the postwar era of prosperity and the emergence of a wedding industry, set the climate for business people to create convincing rhetoric in favour of a consumerist wedding.

…via The modern wedding – Aeon Magazine

For many, the reasoning behind white wedding dresses is directly connected to the idea of the bride’s purity. In this day, this “tradition” is no longer even relevant. Many are choosing wedding dresses that have color and are not limited to traditional white. But a white dress can be part of a wedding for more reasons than tradition. Some designs practically demand to be made in white because they are so intricate that adding color to the mix would be somewhat garish. Some people just want to wear white.

When all is said and done, on the day you get married there are only two opinions that should even matter, those of the bride and the groom. If you want a white wedding, then have one – and if you don’t, then that is also fine.

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